New drugs to prevent and eradicate HIV
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New drugs to prevent and eradicate HIV

Before we  discuss the new drugs to prevent and eradicate HIV let’s talk about HIV and AID S

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What is AIDS?

AIDS acquires Immunodeficiency Syndrome (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)/HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus get). Hereinafter referred to as HIV, is the cause of the disease, divided into two type: HIV – 1 type and HIV – 2 type. Violation is different from other kinds of pathogens. HIV is the immune system itself, if not treated, is responsible for protecting the body’s immune system can’t work normally. Foreign can’t resist a variety of infections caused by bacteria. Internally unable to inhibit tumor cell growth, the body vulnerable to a variety of diseases, health major damage, until they die.

The University of Hong Kong announced that the university research team developed a new type of antibody drugs. So san protects cells from HIV infection and AIDS virus, and successful experiment in mice.

Hk school of medicine, department of microbiology AIDS institute team. Using genetic engineering technology developed a new type of antibody-drug “series of bivalent broad-spectrum neutralizing antibody (BIA – SG). Which can effectively suppress HIV strains of all tested, and promote the removal of the latent infection of cells in mice.

The HK team points out that can strategically ambush HIV and protect cells from infection by combining CD4 proteins on the surface of host cells. In addition, the gene – led BIA-SG can continue to function in mice and remove cells that have been infected with HIV. Therefore, this study provides the concept of it as a novel antibody drug for HIV prevention and immunotherapy.

Compared to the current drugs in the treatment of HIV antibody. Thus new medicines have obvious improvement, the team hopes that the new drug is expected to become the first “made in Hong Kong”. It is suitable for the clinical treatment of HIV antibody drugs.

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As we see, the study publisheded in the latest issue of the journal of clinical research. A leading international journal of biomedical research.

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