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#1 PositiveSingles Reviews 2019

Before joining Positive Single, it’s important to know Positive Singles Reviews 2019. Let talk about the review of PositiveSingle’s Pros and Cons first.

PositiveSingle Review


The online chat room provides more recommended active members

Free one-on-one dating advisor

The option to browse anonymously and hide your STD condition

Lots of treatment stories written by its users


Useful features require a paid membership to use

The mobile app does not have all the features the desktop version contains


Editor’s Reviews:

As we know, Positive Singles is the largest herpes dating site that brings thousands of positive singles together for friendship, loves each year. At PositiveSingles, more than 1 million members actively communicate and more than 30,000 members log in to the site each day.

PositiveSingle ReviewPositive Single Reviews

Positive Single Prices:

Free Basic Account $0.
1 Month Membership $29.95 / Month.
3 Month Membership $19.95 / Month (50% Savings), you pay $59.95.
6 Month Membership $15.95 / Month (60% Savings, you pay $95.95.

Free Services:

1. Reply to messages

2. Send winks

3.Request access to the private album

Fee-based Services:

1. Show up on top of search results

2. Send messages

3. Contact STD counselor via live chat or email

Positive Singles’s unique features:

The unique feature of Positive Singles is it’s STD community. Many people discuss everything on this. For example, here is a blog post from its user.


“As someone newly diagnosed with this the last few days have been difficult. I’ve felt anger, used, stupid, and afraid of the stigma that could be tagged to me because of the decision to trust someone. I wash my hands multiple times a day because of the paranoia of spreading it to someone else. I’ve been obsessing over articles to better understand my condition.”

Thus the features at PositiveSingles makes it our favorite dating site – if you’re looking to find love with another single, PositiveSingles should be your first choice.


User Review:


Positive Singles as the USA’s largest herpes dating site has its own features. They respond to customers’ suggestions and complaints fast because they have 7*24 customer service. And more important, Positive Singles is trying to provide better services for customers. Besides, they support people reaching out to each other locally, by having events. This is critical to making Positive Singles be the best herpes dating community!!!


I’ve been using PositiveSingles for almost eight months and met some interesting people here. Actually, Positive Singles really made me feel better because it does help us find more friends. I can’t really understand why everyone is throwing $$$ at other websites. In my opinion one of the best sites along with Positive Singles. Sometimes you need to have a little patience. Just my two cents.


You couldn’t believe it. Positive Singles really made me feel better about my relationship and body condition. I’d like to thank all that were involved in the design of this site, for it provided information with those of a similar affliction to me :)) I met someone from the site. So far everything is wonderful! Just a bit of a distance between us, but when you really want to be with someone then you make the effort to be together. Thanks again! I was ready to give up. All of you have to be more patient to date others and realize that there are some good women left out there.

In summary, I would like to recommend Positive Singles to people with Herpes.

That’s all about the Positive Singles reviews. Do you want to join PositiveSingles now?



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